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Safety on Raidpipe :

Safety is an important topic for entire Raidpipe community. You and your content safety is very important to Raidpipe.
Some of general safety you love to get to know :

Your password is dual layer hashed, so that your profile and your content is safe.
Your account is secure against sql injection and other similar tricks.
We do not put your passwords into session.
We do not ever save your sensitive data to cookies, even site managers cannot access your sensitive data.
Elaborate privacy policies for other safety and security of users as well as creators.

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Press Request :

If you are a member of the working press or any kind of public affairs and would like to speak about Raidpipe,
please mail us at


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We appreciate and welcome all the press and media friends to get in touch with us.

Help :

Problems with your Raidpipe account ?
We are always happy to help you.

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