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Make yourself visual | raidpipe

About Raidpipe :

Raidpipe is launched in August 2015. Raidpipe is a Video Sharing Network of “Raid24x7” with it’s variant & exclusive services, which helps people to share there feelings, moments and likability among others.

Get-set-go :

You can access Raidpipe with or without sign-in. We recommend you to sign-in, it takes only 10 seconds & you can enjoy all our services. We bet you will love it. It’s absolutely FREE

When you signed-in :

You can watch all the videos on Raidpipe. You can create your profile and connect with friends as connections, you can dedicate videos to your connections, you can create lockers as well.......and many more services

When you not signed-in :

You can watch all the videos on Raidpipe and can share it with it’s direct link. But no need to worry, we take care of it- when you want to use our other services you just need to give your name, email & choose your personal password, We create your account directly and you get-set-go for all our services.

Connections :

Connections are the friends, family members, and people you know. Connect all of them and share your visual life and emotions.

Channels :

You can create channels to broadcast your creative videos on raidpipe, so that your work is appreciated around the globe.

Subscribe :

You love to subscribe channels as per your interest, so that you can watch videos and get regular updated videos from that particular channel. This helps you to watch new videos and get entertained. Just click on the “Subscribe” button to add channel to your subscribtion list and have fun.

Groups :

Groups are the self-managed personal space on server, where you can upload or add videos. Only added members can see those videos.

Private Groups :

These are non-searchable lockers on raidpipe, No one can get to know about this locker until admin add connections as members into it. You can make private locker with a group of connections and share your personal videos.

Public Groups :

These are searchable lockers on raidpipe, people can search and send request to join the locker. You can broadcast your videos to targeted and precise group of people.

Dedication :

You can dedicate videos and express your feelings to your loved ones. Videos are the best way to convey your feelings and emotions better. Come the special occasion and you know that there’s a song out there for it. The raidpipe made it so easier to dedicate songs to family, friends, and the betrothed.